Oliver Lake Steel Quartet Press

“It certainly doesn’t hurt that Lyndon Achee is accomplished at wringing coherent bop solos out of the steel drums, or that Pheeroan akLaff is a monster at the traps”. – Jeff Morris

“Ak Laff is the rare drummer who can make his kit speak as a lead instrument, without rattling off tedious rhythmic rhetoric” – Ted Drozdowski

“Oliver […] not only favors the harsh and gaping arpeggios that were a Dolphy trademark, but is one of the few players to expand on the vocabulary he created on alto sax.” – Gary Giddins

“While the sound of the steel drums may evoke a tropical paradise, Achee’s playing probaly won’t-he matches Lake’s good-natured but pointedly quirky approach, sounding like at times as if he’s playing a giant metal harp” – Mark Keresman

“Boundary-bending alto saxist Oliver Lake delves into caribbean textures with a new band highlighting steel drummer Lyndon Achee.” – Geoff Chapman

“Adding further tonal and timbre contrast to the quartet’s sound were Reggie Washington’s funk-oriented electric bass and Pheeroan’s tightly patterned beats and rhythms on trap set.” – George Kanzler

“…His huge tone on alto, fantastic tonal command in all registers and driving rhythmic sense were immediately evident, as were his references to the whole range of contemporary American music – traditional, bop, soul, cool, swing, rock, and reggae.” – Dave Langzettel