Oliver Lake Press

“…a musician of international stature and a living repository of the history — and the future – of jazz.” – Terry Ross, Willamette Week

“…capable of tender lyricism and bluesy swing…possesses an unpredictabe edge and rhythmic drive…” – Rick Mitchell, Houston Chronicle

“…not only favors the harsh and gaping arpeggios that were a Dolphy trademark, but is one of the few players to expand on the vocabulary he created on alto sax…” – Gary Giddins, Village Voice

“…has been blowing beautifully and hypnotically twisted lines for years, in formats as diverse as big bands and intimate quartets.” – Tim Carman, Houston Post

“…warps conventions, then makes himself at home in the new landscape; he can still convey exultation, ferocity, tenderness, or the blues.” – John Pareles, The New York Times

“…a master of the alto saxophone, a man who can play rings around just about any melody you want to hand him.” – Steve Pick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Lake simply never disappoints.” – Boo Browning, The Washington Post

“…(a) searing, impassioned tone and strongly emphatic, singing lines…” – George Kanzler, Newark Star-Ledger

“…an intriguingly idiosyncratic composer and a monster saxophonist, in control from a whisper to a scream.” – Boston Herald American

“…a constantly unpredictable explosive force, and seeing him play is akin to witnessing a series of short circuits in a high-voltage generator…” – San Francisco Chronicle

“…remains one of contemporary music’s more unusual melodic craftsmen…” – Reuben Jackson, Jazz Times

“His huge tone on alto, fantastic tonal command in all registers and driving rhythmic sense were immediately evident, as were his references to the whole range of contemporary American music – traditional, bop, soul, cool, swing, rock and reggae.” – Dave Langzettel, Press Herald (Portland, Maine)